Beaver Creek  
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Birds of Beaver Creek

Scientific Name

                Bufo cognatus
                Bufo microscaphus
                Bufo punctatus
                Bufo woodhousii
                Hyla arenicolor
                Hyla eximia
                Pseudacris triseriata
                Spea multiplicata
                Rana chiricahuensis
                Rana yavapaiensis
                Rana pipiens
                Rana catesbeiana

Common Name

    Frogs, Treefrogs, and Toads

                Great Plains Toad
                Southwestern Toad
                Red Spotted Toad
                Woodhouse's Toad

                Canyon Treefrog
                Mountain Treefrog
                Western Chorus Frog

                Southern Spadefoot Toad

                Chiricahua Leopard Frog
                Yavapai Leopard Frog
                Northern Leopard Frog
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