Beaver Creek  
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Fish of Beaver Creek
* Native
# Introduced
& Possibly Invasive

Scientific Name

                Agosia chrysogaster
                Cyprinella lutrensis
                Cyprinus carpio
                Gila robusta
                Catostomus clarkii
                Catostomus insignis
                Oreochromis mossambicus
                Lepomis cyanellus
                Micropterus dolomieu
                Oncorhynchus mykiss
                Salmo trutta
                Ameiurus natalis
                Pylodictis oliveris

Common Name

    Minnows, Suckers, and Carp

                Longfin Dace *
                Red Shiner #
                Common Carp #
                Roundtail Chub *

                Desert Sucker *
                Sonora Sucker *
    Perch-like Fish

                Mozambique Mouth-Breeder &

                Green Sunfish #
                Smallmouth Bass #

                Rainbow Trout &
                Brown Trout &

                Yellow Bullhead #
                Flathead Catfish &
Special thanks to Dr. W. Linn Montgomery for his assistance in preparing this list
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