Beaver Creek  
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Table 2. Results of Mist Netting Conducted on the Wet Beaver Creek Wilderness Area
Netting Location Legal Description
Date Net
Capture Results
Gaging Stations          
Long Canyon          
Brandy Canyon          
Waldrop Canyon          
Section 13          
West Waldrop          
Fritz Canyon/ Beaver          
Fritz Canyon E446170, N3837700 8/21/96 2.5 Poor none
Totals 37.75 N/A Myotis yumanensis (3)
Myotis auriculus (1)
Myotis ciliolabrum (2)
Myotis sp. (volans?) (1)
Idionycteris phyllotis (1)
Antrozous pallidus (4)
Nyctinomops macrotis (echo)
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