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2006 Workshop

Taylor Joyal, an instructor in the Environmental Sciences Department at NAU, will be offering a middle and high school science teacher workshop August 7th and 8th at Wet Beaver Creek, just east of I-17 off exit 298.

The workshop will include three curriculum modules including aquatic invertebrate ecology, river geomorphology, and water chemistry. The two-day activity will be offered through the Beaver Creek Education and Research Project, a component of the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research, and provide a unique opportunity to learn and practice techniques for teaching science outdoors. The modules are designed as inquiry-based science explorations that can be taught in a variety of environments, not just Wet Beaver Creek. Pre and post-field lessons will also be presented for each module. The module curricula encourage students to connect fundamental scientific concepts with real-world problem solving, compile scientific datasets, and discover the value of applied science. All curricula are aligned with Arizona Academic Content Standards.

Space is limited to 10 teachers and tuition is free, but a small fee of $50 will cover two lunches, research equipment, and camping at Wet Beaver Creek. Teachers will need camping gear including a tent, sleeping bag, and ground pad if they choose to camp. However, there will be time to commute to Sedona or Flagstaff if preferred. The workshop will constitute one credit hour of continuing education and participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Interested teachers may contact Taylor and register through email <> or phone 928-523-0361. You may also check out the Beaver Creek Education and Research website at Applicable education materials are posted here (more each month) as well as a wealth of information on the Beaver Creek Watershed.

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