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Principal Investigators:

Neil Cobb
Mansel Nelson
Taylor Joyal


Assistant Professor of Research, Biological Sciences,
and Associate Director of MPCER, Northern Arizona University

Contact Information
Phone: (928) 523-5528

Professional Preparation
B.S., Oregon State University, Entomology, (1981)
M.S., Northern Arizona University, Biology, (1989)
Ph.D., Northern Arizona University, Biology, (1993)

Activities and Research Interests
Dr. Cobb currently studies population & community ecology of arthropods, focusing on the dynamics of insect outbreaks. He is also interested in the evolutionary ecology of plant stress. He is the Associate Director of the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research, a center devoted to interdisciplinary, interdepartmental, interagency research ( ). He is also the Curator of the Colorado Plateau Museum of Arthropod Biodiversity ( ) and Director of the Merriam-Powell Resource Lab, which provides research support to faculty and students, especially the use of GIS software and databases to address spatially-explicit problems in ecology.

Selected Publications
Cobb, N, RT Trotter, and TG Whitham. 2002. Herbivore Induced Sex Change in Pinyon Pine. Oecologia 130:78-87.

Cobb, NS, and TG Whitham. 1998. Prevention of deme formation by the pinyon needle scale: Problems of specializing in a dynamic system. In S. Mopper and S. Strauss (eds.) Genetic Structure in Natural Insect Populations: Effects of Host Plants and Life History. Chapman & Hall, NY.

Cobb, NS, S Mopper, CA Gehring, M Caouette, KM Christensen and TG Whitham. 1997. Increased moth herbivory associated with environmental stress of pinyon pine at local and regional levels. Oecologia 109:389-397.

Cobb, N, JB Mitton, and TG Whitham. 1994. Genetic variation associated with chronic water and nutrient stress in pinyon pine. American Journal of Botany 81:936-940.

Cobb, N and TG Whitham. 1993. Herbivore deme formation on individual trees: A test case. Oecologia 94:496-502.

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